Important dates and fee

Important dates:

Registration/Abstract submission deadline: 1st May 2011

Conference fee: 55 Euro
(included: 3 lunches, coffee breaks, all social events and ship cruise on Odra, conference materials)

Reduced fee: 30 Euro
(without social events and lunches)

In the case of a larger number of applicants, participants will be selected on the basis of the submitted abstract.

We strongly advise the participants to book their accommodation as soon as the abstract acceptance will be send to you. (Venue and travel)

Method of payment:

Politechnika Wroclawska
50-370 Wroclaw
ul. Wybrzeze Wyspianskiego 27
NIP: 896-000-58-51

Bank name:
16 Oddzial Wroclaw, Poland
account number: PL37 1090 2402 0000 0006 1000 0434

VERY IMPORTANT The money transfer title MUST contain:

your name and surname, PANIC2011, KN PhoBiA nr k. 101512

Please inform us by an email about the payment and invoice details (adress, NIP, etc.).

If the invoice of transaction is needed, please make sure that the payment is made by THE SAME institution/person who is required as the recipient of the invoice

Payment in Polish Zloty
Participants from Poland may pay the workshop fee in Polish Zloty (220 PLN or 120 PLN )